Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Yoga terms and my Sadguru

Yes, did I even feel an iota of pride that one of my students did a crow in just nine sessions.... that too on fb. Arrghhh, I hang my head in shame. I I take it back.. I always feel humbled that it is my Guru who gets me good students and he is the one who takes off ones who trouble me. That is why I never bother ask any student who goes, or call up the way most instructors do.  Occasionally, if I do, it may be not because I want them back, but just that I may have found their yoga attitude great and feel inclined to find out if all is fine with them. But never to ask them to come back or such stuff.  That sort of an interference with somebody's karma is not for me. I am happy my Sadguru introduces me to students who helps me grow and takes off those who are blocking it, spiritually.

Here is what he says of how powerful yoga is in one's karma. And that is why I believe, if somebody drops out, it is not in their karma to clean up their slate in this birth.

¨Yoga practice is self-effort to neutralize evil prarabdha which obstruct self-realization. If prarabdha is powerful, yoga is more powerful.¨
- Swami Sivananda Saraswati

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Suraj said...

Hi mam,
Have been reading your blogs since past few few months . I am really charmed about your approach to yoga.
And your in depth analysis of traditional yoga.
Keep up the good work