Friday, July 27, 2012

Yoga thought today: on the relevance of practice

I am not a dominating teacher as often accused by the lazy ones, who drop out. I am firm because, hey, I am a teacher.. and wish the best for you. That is difficult. The more lenient teachers  are not caring, as is generally presumed: they are lenient because they do not care. If you do not even know the difference, why should I care to explain myself:)

I feel `oppressed' when perfectly healthy people or people without the weakness they claim, refuse to practice on the mat... for me, that is very disturbing regression and I believe, that as I have offered to prod you out of your laziness, I am supposed to do that and keep motivating you, wasting my wits, in this entire process. It is a lot of effort, what I bring to a class.. and below is why....

Swami Satyanandaji says:

Yoga is far from  simply being the physical exercises, rather, it is an aid to establishing a new way of life which embraces both inner and outer realities. However, this wayof life is an experience which cannot be understood intellectually and will onlybecome living knowledge through practice and experience (on the mat). 

(Words in the brackets are mine, but you know, some people can be deliberately thick-headed!) 

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