Sunday, July 08, 2012

Yogic tip for today: Meditation with mandarin

Usually while using oils in a class I try to be safe - rose and jasmine, ylang ylang are the best. They do not tamper with your blood pressure too much, tho can reduce sick levels of high blood pressure. They reduce anger, soothe irritability, uplift when depressed, and add a lilt to your life. Since they are soothing they add to the meditative mood of a room without inducing lethargy. So, I usually avoid citrus since they are too perky for some people and can affect sleep in the nights. But found out today that mandarin is one of the safest citrus which I can club with the other oils I mentioned. In fact, mandarin is apparently safe with pregnant, elderly and children also -- usually most essential oils have some contraindication with this group. Mandarin can soothe, uplift, remove digestive upsets, fight insomnia and has a "hypnotic" quality. Tragedy is I never tried it, silly woman, because I am a floral, roots, and tree aroma person (meaning I life the essence from these sources because floral uplifts, roots ground and trees calm you in aroma therapy).

So, tomorrow I plan to trek to the Khar beauty center and pick up some mandarin and test it on myself:)  For more on it, read it here, where I sourced the image from... 

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