Saturday, August 04, 2012

Oh, wow on the brahmari -- humming bee pranayama

I recall the great excitement I felt when I read a news report on how humming is actually a great healing tool. Research had established that humming increases the nitric oxide level in the nasal sinuses (which are in the face and which, when attacked by bacteria, fungus, can cause severe sinus problems). Nitric oxide apparently is anti-.
fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral

Below I attach a link where there is concrete evidence from the world of science that humming actually helps. Another surprise benefit noted during the research was that humming actually sorted out cardia arrhythmia also! 

In my earlier study on this I had learnt that the nitric oxide levels also upped the intake of oxygen at the nostrils..

How did these yogis know all this, so fantastic!

But for the humming to actually work, u have to do it for long, a low-grade humming (as we do in our pranayama), for about an hour. Read at the link I have attached for the duration etc. And get back to the mat:)


evnathan said...

Thanks for the link. The case report ignites the desire to the brahmari more seriously. Going to give it a good try. Meantime it would be helpful if you give the right way of doing brahmari as the humming sound and the length of each humming are very important.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Is true that Brahmari calms the mind and heat the body?. Will it not cause to much heat in the body to do it for long or even 20 min.

Shameem Akthar said...

this is meant as a cure in a severe chronic case .. and I am not saying I do it, I am saying, there is this research and it says this.. I do not, frankly. I do nine max of brahmari -- about five mins -- and that seems sufficient for me

Anonymous said...

There are some yogi says no need to pujt hand over the face at all
others says put index finger inthe ears while humming and then others says close the ear while humming and then others says no need to close the ears just sit in anymudra and hummm.
Which is right shameem which one you do?.