Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yogic tip for the day: flat abs and breath

To really develop a tight ab (not that I have one, but then I have at least delivered a child, my excuse:) you need to focus on the exhalation. I myself have seen that when the breath is flowing, which means the mind is undisturbed and uncluttered, I feel trim at the waist. But when disturbed I tend to bloat... something there, but I don't know if it can be explained by science.  But researchers have said that worry does something to the stomach, making it swell, increase retention as well as store fat along the mid-body. I even recall writing an article for Mid-day a long while ago on this engrossing topic. But that was theory. Just now, from practice, I feel for sure that when the breath is strong, which means, the mind is calm, you will find the tone you want. For that, you need to have trained the breath in exhalation(through regular pranayama practice). During exhalation, the body actually relaxes. An inhalation is a stimulation, get-going trigger to the body... 

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