Sunday, September 30, 2012

Manage your mood with manganese

I am writing this column for a lady's magazine and learnt that when cats were deficient in manganese (how do to come to that, eating so much fish bones), they would not bother to take care of their litter. The researchers
feel that the sense of interest and love comes from this mineral. I have been, over the last few years, feeling a sense of detachment with life. Damn, I thought it was a signal to my moving towards moksha -- it now, however, just sounds like a manganese deficiency. I mean, I do not have to do pranayama to get vairagya, but just eat less chestnuts, hazelnuts, beetroots, pineapple, grapes, garlic, berries, beans and greens.
Seeing that my eating habits are abysmal, it is just good old manganese deficiency, and neither vairagya or mokhsha:(

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