Friday, September 28, 2012

Tuberose:rajnigandha, rich and healing

I always pick up a bunch of rajnigandha when I spot it. Near Pali naka (Bandra, Mumbai)  it is not always available. But further down, along Holy Family or near St Stanislaus school you can buy it off the pavement flower seller. On a good day, you may pay just Rs 10 for a single stem. Some days I have even paid Rs 25 for one. And no, though earlier I used to feel bad to cut the flowers from a plant just to pacify my swadhistana chakra, these days I have given up thinking too much that way.. life can be tough. phew...

I usually put them in a vase and they last a few days, keeping the room redolent with  their amazing aroma. It is a thick, rich, sweet smell, heavy and uplifting. I asked the aroma oil section in the Beauty Center and they told me it is too costly to be stocked there:( I picked up a vial from Ajmal perfume shop off Linking Road which claims to have a mix of tuberose and sandalwood. It is indeed very rich, but the distinct flavor of rajnigandha is missing from it..

Any case, maybe you should keep the flowers too: for these benefits

1. uplifting
2. sedative
3. aphrodisiac
4. Heals skin eruptions (oil form) and rectifies hair problems
5. And most importantly,for me, it is a `heating' oil (As a vata person, I always feel cold, like a pain, distinct, numbing and constantly humming into yogi toughness!)

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