Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cashew fruit: Health gyan

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Aw, just realised that I can no longer call this section the Daily Health Gyan simply because I am not blogging daily.. any case, something better than nothing. For all that I write about health I am pretty indifferent when it comes to food. I hate sweet things, find fruits a bit cumbersome (have to chew on them, man), salads also require too much work and if I did not have to eat, wow! My mom, right up to college, used to feed me because I used to be bored to eat.. nowadays, I have sort of gained bulk I guess from just not eating... I mean, u could starve yourself to the point where the body begins to store any crumble of fat, because u have put it in starvation mode. So, any case, after all this attempt to impress u all as to how austere I am, what I wish to share exactly is some health stuff about cashew fruits. I picked up, two large ones at Rs 50 each. Meaning Rs 200 for a Kg (u would get approximately four). Already they are beginning to slowly rot as I forget about them, except now, as I blog about their benefits:)

  • Have some stuff in them which can kill worms. 
  • Tonnes of vitamin Bs (is that why parrots are happy -- they love it.. actually I brought it for my parrots, which come outside the Kuteer window. And I am not joking, they eat more fruits and nuts than I do:) 
  • Iron. 
  • Beta Carotene (the pink tinge, in your cheeks and the carrot)
  • anti-bacterial stuff and nutrients that power your immunity. 
  • good for sore throat (though I always feel my mouth clam up, when I bite into the cashew fruit)
  • And hey, of course the immunity protection also comes from Vitamin C, richer than in oranges (why the poor orange gets compared to, always, I do not understand. I mean, when they talk of amla (gooseberry) u must have heard that it has 20 times the health benefits of orange:)..

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