Friday, October 05, 2012

Finally Koundinyasana, to my satisfaction

Sage Koundinyasana has been a tough pose for me. I have tried it and get into it with difficulty and know that I am not aligned nor as high up as I wish to be. This time, while trying this before my evening class, managed it finally to my satisfaction. The legs being straight is the biggest challenge and u need a lot of control from the hips and the arms to be able to make that correction. There are two versions here. One with the same leg on top of the hand, and the other with the opposite leg crossed over, so the left leg is on top of the right leg. Clearly, the second version is far tougher than the first one. It is an exciting pose and I hope to perfect it, in the next few days.

What you need for this pose:

  • A strong side crow. 
  • A strong astavakrasana 
  • And a strength in the peacock pose. 
They all lead to this. But more than all that, an awareness about the legs which tend to drag you down. 

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