Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Mount Meru -- symbolises your spine!

Everybody has heard of Mount Meru (or have they not?). But ignoramus like me, know so little,-- I mean, u sort of think that it exists. Maybe. But mythically, apparently. Though different nations have claimed that it is in their territory, even ancient texts sometimes go vague while stating where it is (though the description may be precise). In fact, it is said that it exists but is not seen, in some texts. 
I once wrote a looong article for a foreign web publishers on spine and its relevance in yoga. This para, I dug out from that article. It is exciting to reread this: 

Mount Meru which signifies our spine. Here, it is believed the three deities (our triune brain) Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva reside. It stretches 84 thousand yojanas (a unit of measurement from ancient India, approximately nine miles per unit) over the ground.  The number of yogic  poses to propitiate it are 84 lakh; of these 84 classic ones are more commonly referred to by established yoga schools. Here the sun (of consciousness) shines effulgent and continuously; the generous Jambu river (of amrit or nectar of immortality) flows. Seven mountain ranges, representing our seven chakras, adorn this mountain.
 This tanka painting depicting  Mount Meru with tonnes of symbolism is from this site 

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