Monday, October 29, 2012

Vishnu Granthi: Yoga quizz

ANSWER: : The knot that blocks u and may not be considered as a knot by many people is at the heart. It is called the Vishnu Granthi -- the idea of being a good human being (which is why in Islam we say never let the left hand know what the right hand gave:), the idea of our origins, birth, etc (over which we actually had no control but act as if we are some elevated beings for being born that way -- skin colour, race, gender, looks, educations, class and caste, to name a few) and all the other good things that stoke the sense of I -- u can find it amongst the misguided bigots and even the humble sadhaks.. It is a knot which cause the bhrashta or fall in yoga.. unless this knot gets untangled, liberation is far away..

QUIZZ: What is the meaning/translation of the breathing practice Anulom Vilom? Choose from the following..
1) Alternate nostril breathing 2) Purifying energy channels 3) Reversing natural order

Remember that all the options given refer to the same practice. However, one of them is the actual meaning of the practice..

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Unnikrishnan said...

Vishnu granthi may anagologus to Hypothalamus,?