Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Yoga tip: learn to identify your emotional trigger for pain

My own experience is that a lot of people use pain to run away from a situation in their life. In chronic cases, this is so very true..My PMS for instance (to show u that I am not averse to such references back to myself -- in fact, I make them in the first place from where I myself may be actually stuck:) is the body's way to make me rest because I am a person who revels in lots of work, activity and creative bursts. I can kill myself by rushing through a day with many things, directed in different directions. A terrible rajasic personality that is trying to become sattvic:) So, the PMS just makes me want to lie back (hey, but I don't, woe me:( 
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So do not feel bad to see the connections between your chronic pain/ailment and your emotional self. In fact, you will not sort it out unless u make this connection. So see what Louise  L Hay says  on spine and your emotions, below 

Spinal curvature could mean fear and not trusting life; stiff neck could mean plain stubbornness and refusal to see another’s point of view; lower back problems could mean financial worries; mid-back may indicate deep guilt; and upper back a sense of lack of emotional support. 

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