Thursday, October 04, 2012

Yogic tip: Distance healing, by Sw Sivananda

From his book on pranayama. Sw Sivananda writes on distance healing. Sounds like pranic healing and reiki, to me:)

Distant Healing

This is known as ‘absent treatment’ also. You can transmit your Prana through space, to your friend, who is living at a distance. He should have a receptive mental attitude. You must feel yourself en rapport (in direct relation and in sympathy) with the man, whom you heal with this Distant Healing method.
You can fix hours of appointment with them through correspondence. You can write to them: “Get ready at 4 a.m. Have a receptive mental attitude. Lie down in an easy chair. Close your eyes. I shall transmit my Prana.” Say mentally to the patient: “I am transmitting a supply of Prana (vital force).” Do Kumbhaka when you send the Prana. Practise rhythmical breathing also. Have a mental image that the Prana is leaving your mind when you exhale; it is passing through space and is entering the system of the patient. The Prana travels unseen like the wireless (radio) waves and flashes like lightning across space. The Prana that is coloured by the thoughts of the healer is projected outside. You can recharge yourself with Prana by practising Kumbhaka. This requires long, steady and regular practice.

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