Friday, December 07, 2012

Yogic tip: daily practice


(this is from this site: which also compares yoga and namaz. You are seeing the flow of movement in namaz) 

I have this little booklet, Namaz: Yoga of Islam which compares the amazing similarities between some Islamic rituals and yoga. In the ashram, for my ATTC, for the talent show  I did a Yoga, Namaz and other similarities as a small presentation. Later, while assisting Prahlada also, I advocated the same idea for one of the talent shows, then backed out, but some other students took up the topic and did a great marvellous presentation that showed how we are all so alike, really, in our practices.

My mom was 75 when she died. She was a bit of a hypochondriac in that she would pop pills for all sorts of things, but never actually ever had a major illness. Not even minor ones, like a flu or cold or migraine or any of those things that seem to suffocate most people..That would puzzle me, since I was the weakling in the family, despite running about and doing wild physical things, but falling ill so often (which is why I took up yoga and realised that such physical weakness could be controlled with daily practice.)

But my mom will never miss her five times namaz. If she had to go someplace, she would fold up her namaz mat in her tote, or borrow one from the relative. Only the direction mattered to her, otherwise she could do namaz anywhere. I think that is what kept her spry and active till her last day. She had her hand folded under head, was sleeping, when she passed away. I would like to go that way. That is why I do yoga .. to live with dignity, but most importantly, to die with dignity too:)

The namaz -- most people do not know it -- is very much like the surya namaskar. Involves a lot of physical movements. You can see the chart I have pasted.. That is what kept her very healthy, I believe. A daily practice, which was also spiritual. She would be up by4 am, to catch her first round of namaz.

So, whatever it is you do, I guess you need to make it a daily practice, to make it work for you.

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