Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More on your heart center

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As u all know the backbends are heart center poses. It can why these are difficult to hold for long. It is involved with a lot of emotions that decide our individual self -- lustfraudindecisionrepentancehopeanxietylongingimpartialityarroganceincompetencediscrimination and defiance.(See this link, for more) 

It is also where the movement of energy gets stuck and may keep sliding back, from the human to the base, and not letting us transcend to the divine. I see it a lot -- and what I fear most, for myself:) This ego here is sukhshma ego -- the subtle ego which gets enmeshed in its own reflection as a `good person', a `great practitioner", doing `great work" etc. The knot that blocks the upward thrust of energy is called Vishnu granthi, and perhaps may be the most difficult knot to untie, simply because one does not know one is ensnared! That is how subtle and dangerous it is. I do believe that a lot of `good' people and `religious' people who are set in their ways and who believe only their path is right, are stuck here, without knowing. Here the apsaras have enraptured them, and they are drunk in their own ego, without knowing much about it. Here is where achievement stops, if you are truly fixated on the goal. Here, the sense of self must constantly be shredded. Here relationships that get in the way of such entrapment, must also be severed. Here you become rather austere, severe, otherwise there is no getting away from the element of this center -- the air! (ha, my downfall). And the animal of the center, equally restless, and captivating, the deer.

The image of deities shown with axe -- it is meant to cut through these granthis and the knots of karmas which drag us back down..

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