Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nut meg, an aphrodisiac

Nutmeg oil, one of the queries to this blog. Earlier, I had written on how a pinch of nutmeg, sprinkled on an egg, and had an hour before intercourse, could elevate your sexual experience:) Any case, there was a query in my post below, and here is some thing I dug up. First of, I must confess I have always seen nutmeg as a whole or as powder, in little boxes sold at grocery stores. It is used in food. But I just now, thanks to the post below, discovered that it is also found as an essential oil.

  • It is said to have psychotropic effect (slightly drug-like), so good for meditation
  • It is an aphrodisiac. 
  • It is mood elevating. 
  • It is calming. 
  • Used to control hyper anxiety. 
  • If u see the connection between anxiety and digestion, u will see why most oils which soothe anxiety can also control digestive problems. 
  • Used for muscular and joint aches.

BUT, it must be used only on and off, and not on a regular basis. 
It must not be used by pregnant women and children (this rule applies to many essential oils). 
It must be used in very very small dosage.. it can be extremely toxic otherwise and cause convulsions and other terrible stuff. 

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