Friday, January 25, 2013

Shirodhara: ajna chakra relaxing

Today, I had my first Shirodhara therapy and it is just soooo awesome. I was totally gone, and I believe I must have drawn the deepest inhalation-exhalation, spontaneously, for the first time since I was born. U have to understand that deep breathing. I have never experienced it,being a double vata, with an hyperactive tongue (and an overflowing vishuddhi chakra that needs to be desperately dammed:)

The oil wafts over the crown and the forehead, and ostensibly to soothe the third eye. It is used to deal with several disease states and is used to restore and relax. I needed this, from all fronts.

Next week nasyam and then a powder massage (which is not good for vatas, but hey, they always do things which are bad for them, like teaching yoga:)

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