Friday, February 22, 2013

Daily health Gyan: antibiotics can be misused

In the same Mumbai Mirror article I mentioned, here is some more, by nephrologist Ashok Kirpalani:
When you use antibiotics with gentamycin(aminoglycosides) base, u are prone to certain problems.

  • It is a very powerful effective one against dangerous infections like septicemia. But when used casually, it becomes ineffective in the future, when u have a serious infection. This can be life-threatening and leaves the treating doctor with fewer options to save your life. 
  • It can destroy kideny functions, call for dialysis. 
  • Can cause vertigo and dizziness. 

What u could do when ur doctor prescribes this for u: 
  • Read the details on the cover of the prescription, your awareness is important. 
  • Ask your doctor for a milder anti-biotic if the infection is not serious, and insist on an alternative to gentamycin. 

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