Sunday, March 31, 2013

Feeling cold all the time?

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I feel cold like it is a pain. It is possibly the only thing I wish I could control, my struggle with cold. But as an aside  must say when I did sadhana intensive in Uttarkashi, though I had foolishly taken summer clothes, unprepared from the biting cold winds blowing from the Ganges nearby, I never felt the cold as pain in that beautiful spot.The body was reacting to it alright -- as I said an umpteen times, a few of us were left out in the cold while the more aggressive yogis lionised the sadhana hall. So, while lying in nidra, my body would jump up in sheer cold. Swamiji felt sorry for us and had given us dhurries, to place under our mats:) I did not even have a shawl, imagine. Yet, though the cold was intense, I did not feel disturbed by it, as I always do. That was quite an experience for me -- possibly it was the intense pranayama we were doing. Interestingly, though I have always had a history of bronchitis since childhood and am prone to it when out of kilter, I must be the only one who did not fall sick or get a cold the entire period. Another wow experience for me. . Though I had taken a room on twin-sharing with geyser, in that cold the geyser would not work, and I would have  a shower under the piercing  cold water at 3 am and though shivering, I  would not feel I was going to die, as I often do, in these cities. Maybe it was all that pranayama, though I don't know, some places have that ability to make you detached from such stuff. I always felt that about the Sivananda ashram -- it was as if my mind was held by something else, and over all my human anxieties, something would remain unaffected and that would protect me and ensure that my sadhana did not suffer:)

Any case, that is incidental and may be all in my mind.

Normally, I am hypersensitive to cold. So, , whenever I anticipate a cold place (theaters, airports, flights, restaurants) I am dressed up to the gill, covering my arms and legs, and carry a jacket and even socks:)

Here is what Louise L. Hay says of this sense of chill.

She says it may be due to mental contractions, pulling away and saying, "Leave me alone."

And maybe she is not wrong. I do feel that, nowadays more often, that I want to be left alone! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Shameem,
What yogic practices would you suggest for someone with a perpetual feeling of cold?

Shameem Akthar said...

Pressing the ring finger with the thumb, it is called surya mudra, for each hand. it is said to instantly heat u up. Also kapalabhati and bhastrika. Even brahmari is a heating practice.