Friday, March 01, 2013

Lao-Tzu on himself : yogic thought

I alone am tranquil and have made no signs 
Possibly mine is the mind of a fool, 
Which is so ignorant! 

And I alone seem to be dull. 
The vulgar are discriminative 
And I alone seem to be blunt. 
I am negligent as if being obscure; 
Drifting, as if being attached to nothing. 

The people in general all have something to do, 
And I alone seem to be impractical and awkward. 

I alone am different from others. 

(My words: I mean to say, it is a great man, that is why I cannot, at all, remotely say that this is the way I feel about myself -- blunt, foolish, ignorant, obscure,unattached, different from the rest of the world, impractical, awkward.. the only difference is that he is great and I am not!)

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