Monday, July 22, 2013

18 yogic adharas: marma points while meditating

Toes * ankles * middle of calves * base of knees * middle of knees* middle of thighs * middle of hips * anus * groin* navel * heart * base of throat * tongue * nose * eyes * between eye brows * middle of forehead* crown

This should answer the query of all those who wonder why we do yoga nidra at the end of the yoga asana .. the marma points must be consciously relaxed to be powered. In fact, Dr Frawley says you can heal your problems by just focusing on these points either as a clutch, in the order listed above, or just focusing on one individual problem zone. 

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Anonymous said...

very little if any information on this is to be found online. this is true yogic knowledge. thank you for posting it.