Monday, July 15, 2013

Nada yoga: a meditative space

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Just received my Frawley books, ordered online. Since I am obsessing about why sound is so fantastic, as a form of meditation, I trawled them for some nuggets and found these:)

To meditate about the nada is not just to listen to or repeat a sound. It is also to inquire into the origin of the sound, to follow the sound current back to its origin. It is to inquire into the origin of our own consciousness, which itself is a manifestation of sound. It is to contact our inner self in the spiritual heart from which the sound current arises. 

That explains why the singing bowls make so much sense to me. I am now spending time trying not to see it
as a therapy that may be used on someone else, but rather as the opening of an exciting chapter in my own journey of  self-understanding.  As I wait for the vibration from one super bowl to rise and fall, and feel.experience/listen to the next bowl move into this crescendo, something very watchful comes up. Even between this extreme watchfulness and engagement of the mind, the thoughts become to stream about, like schools of fish muddying the bottom of a clear lake. To keep my mind free of the eddies they create, that is where the meditation steps in. How fantastic it is, this as a tool, these bowls, and how lucky I must be, to wake up to them, now when the inner yearning becomes sharp, urgent as the engagement with the rest of the world slips by.. somewhere, something blossoming, and the sound of the bowls, so much like a fragrance released...

Today after a long while, could contain my speed in the playing of the bowls, and also managed to play one of the bowls ( Anahata chakra/D note) for a long while. The wrist did not hurt so much, the scratchy complaining vibration of a shaky or too-firm a hand also did not happen. Finally:)

Practice, practice, practice...:)

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