Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The mantra for yoga sadhana.. the secret revealed:)

The answer to yesterday's quizz, on what is the mantra for yoga practice? Below ...

This is from the exciting book on Mantras by Dr David Frawley (his words, below).

It is Krim -- it creates, light and intention. It is a specific, stimulating and manifesting. It is the electrical energy behind all things in the universe., the kriya shakti or power of action at all levels. It rules over all manifestation -- time, space and action. We can gain control of our karmas, and also move beyond them.
It is the seed mantra of Kali, goddess of time and transformation. The mantra serves to energize things to the highest level, which is to raise their level of vibration to the point where we can return to the source. Krim is the mantra of yoga, work, and transformative energy. It is the yoga bija or the seed syllable of yoga practice.

Other factoids about this mantra:
* connects to higher perception and higher prana
* Can link us to any deity of our choice
* Improves pratyhara, focus and meditation.
* Combines vata (air) with pitta ( fire) for a powerful high impetus.
* Works on circulation, heart and the liver.
* since it is a powerful mantra, it must be used with care. 

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