Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yoga magic: immunity, healing and cure through acu-points

The acu-points for immunity, located primarily between the shoulder blades, are worked out in every practice, including breathing practices when the jalandhara bandha (or the throat lock) is used. These points are involved with preventing colds, flus, cough, pneumonia, stomach infections etc. Among these, the most important one called Bladder 36 is said to be the spot where illnesses sneak into our bodies. This part is  manipulated in poses such as shoulder stand, all back-bends(like the wheel, camel, fish, cobra, snake, bow) and plough.

Maybe that is why the  viparita karani mudra, the wonder pose, is said to be "death-defying". 

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Anonymous said...

where is Bladder 36 located?.