Friday, January 31, 2014

Why Yoga for kids, in the guru's words

By far the best book on yoga for kids is by Swami Satyanandaji. Here are his words:
The young child ismore intuitive  and ;ess conditioned than an adult and is therefore quite open,forthright, attentive and above all,capable of learning. Yoga physiology suggests this is because the  pineal gland has not started to degenerate due to calcification and the yoga practices help in the delay of this degeneration. As the child grows older and enters school these same yoga practices augment his learning abilities at school, nd the regular discipline allows helps the growing child to channel and direct his emotional energies in a constructive manner.
(The image is from, of kids' yoga camp. I used to send my daughter there, since she was a little child. She has attended three such month-long camps. It was always an emotional turmoil for me, to send her there, because it was a bootcamp. But am I happy for having done that? Yes, you can ask my daughter and see why she is glad that there is yoga is there in her body and her soul.)

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