Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anger control: aromatherapy has an answer

Marjoram is seen as a powerful essential oil for emotional culturing. Interestingly, unlike with other mudras where you have to have the anger-driven person involved, for some participation, in aroma, you can diffuse the anger of the other party just by lighting up an aroma diffuser with some special oils like marjoram. For instance, if there is a person in the family or office with anger-control issues and has a terrible temper that upsets you, you could use an aroma diffuser with marjoram to “tame” that person up! Other oils that work with similar impact on the mind are Roman Chamomile(which is really a magical oil, with amazing healing benefits for the mind and body), cypress(which is grounding and calming), lavender (the all-rounder oil which impacts blood pressure which rises up during anger, and actually lowers it). Other sweeter oils which a floral aroma are neroli (which is, unfortunately, super expensive), and rose which though expensive may be found commonly in diluted forms and inexpensive options. If you personally want to use them, you may use it in bath oils, massages, or as gels. Using rose oil drops in washing may leave the fragrance on the clothes for a long while, which may help soothe daily irritations away.

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