Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Brahmacharyasana:renounciate's pose

The name may frighten those who think of yoga as some sort of magical thing -- which it is, but not in the way people fear(spells, black magic, tantra, that sort of fears that some people nurse!!).But what it means, the word renounciate, in this context is that it means detachment from pain, and implies tremendous endurance.

This pose is rather easy for most men with even a casual upper back strength. And often, it helps salvage egos in a yoga class, where some men may not be able to hold the basic crow(kakasana) or the bakadhyanasana (meditating crane pose) for long. The latter require focus and inner calm, while the former --the brahmacharyasana -- requires pure strength. So, yes, it can help you feel better.

For women, it may give a high for the opposite reason, since this strength of the upper back must be assiduously cultivated and it feels good that you are focused enough on the mat to be able to do this well.

I go to this pose and then forget it, because, yeah, maybe I lack focus:)!! But I keep coming back to it, because, it is such a tease.

Here the pose, finally, at a higher level than I ever tried, and for far longer than a selfie allows:)!!

What this pose needs:
* Stomach strength.
*Leg strength
* Upper back strength.

It is worked best from working with lolasana in its various versions first, and then ekapada bhujapidasana.

Happy sadhana!

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Anuj Kumar Agrawal said...

I took 2.5 years to master this asana, started Yoga at the age of 37.5.