Friday, April 25, 2014

My own take on belly fat and some more:alternate health says

As a yoga teacher, you notice that some people have a pile up of fat that may be not quite right for their body type or fitness levels. Often very fit people also have a belly bulge.

It appears that
  • A hard belly -- which bulges stubbornly out -- comes from control issues and some sort of anger management issues.
  • Soft big belly is usually predominant in those who are anxious, and wish to please others and feel dissatisfied with life, somehow, due to the stress of all this.

In yoga, the belly is where your ego center is -- when the navel center flows smoothly, it means your ego is well-organized and work with society and yet maintain its individuality. It is when this balance between the two gets askew -- anger and anxiety are actually two sides of this same coin -- then, the navel center shows it is disturbed by turning outwards ...

You may give a lot of excuses why you have a big belly -- but at the end of the day, it still piles up to this, in yoga -- an ego whose issues have yet to settle down.

According to Louise Hay, belly fat is due to a sense of deprivation, of not being nourished.. MMMmm.. it seems some good love should sort out belly fat!!

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