Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The actual yoga of the mind: to see the play of the great Void

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sectionIII chapter14
evam brahma mahajivo vidyate ntadivarjitah
jivakoti mahakoti bhavaty atha na kincana (35)
Vasistha continued:
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As I have already explained to you, O Rama, this world consisting of egotism and the countless objects of experience has not been created and therefore it does not exist: what exists is Brahman, the absolute existence.
Just as a wave is seen on the calm surface of the ocean when the latter is agitated, even so when the absolute 'thinks', as it were, that it is a jiva, the jiva-nature manifests itself.
Just as a sleeping person appears to create diverse creatures within himself without ever abandoning his own unique and sole reality, by a mere thought or will the absolute brings into being these countless creatures without ever suffering diminution or change.
The cosmic form (Virat) of this cosmic consciousness is of course of the nature of pure consciousness, uncontaminated by gross materiality.
The cosmic form made of pure consciousness can be compared to an ever-lasting dream in a sleeping person in which there exist palaces and other beings.
Even the creator Brahma is a mere thought-form in this cosmic consciousness: consciousness reflecting its own thought-forms within itself is all this apparent seer and seen, all of which are mere imaginations.
All of them however exist in name only and multiply in name only.
Even as the cosmic being arose in the cosmic consciousness as a cosmic thought-form, others arose from the thoughts of that cosmic being - just as one lamp is kindled from another.
But all of them are non-different from that one cosmic being on account of whose thought-vibration they arose.
Brahman alone is the cosmic being (Virat) and the cosmic being is all this creation, with the jiva and all the elements that constitute this creation.
Rama asked:
Lord, is there only one jiva that is cosmic, or are there many jivas, or is there a huge conglomerate of jivas?
Vasistha answered:
Rama, there is neither one jiva nor many nor a conglomerate of jivas.
Jiva is only a name!
What exists is only Brahman.
Because he is omnipotent, his thought-forms materialise.
One alone appears as diverse on account of ignorance; we do not experience this ignorance which disappears on enquiry even as darkness vanishes when light is brought in to look at it.
Brahman alone is the cosmic (Mahajiva) soul and the millions of jivas.
There is naught else.
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