Monday, April 21, 2014

Tiresome aspect of teaching yoga: student plateau

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So many teachers do not share of themselves, simply because it calls for tremendous energy, to give in a class. I find that it does not matter how good a student is, often, there will come a point when each will hit a plateau. At this point, as the one who is teaching, you need to use different levels of strength to draw them off the rut. It is psychically the most exhausting thing. So people do not want to leave the rut. Which is ok, with me, in a way. But the others are there, screaming to leave the plateau, but will not do anything to let go. They will not trust you, or their inner mind will go blank, or they will psychically lean on you, so where you arm should pull up them, it gets crushed or try to be tiresome, to distract you from drawing them off the plateau which, ostensibly, they wish to leave! This is a big drag, about being an involved yoga teacher.

This happens in a good yoga class, which must be rare I guess. The others teachers who talk to me glibly about being gentle, compassionate, etc, are really, I believe, not being involved. A mother is not always gentle, nor should a good teacher be, either.  Because this sort of energy requirement cannot be part of a commercially established set-up. A lot of people around me, I see, who start off with the integrity and all that,lose this  somewhere along the way, as the bills and the rent and the studio charges all stack up:) Then they say, be gentle, etc:)

Here is when, when the bills pile up, most yoga teachers hit their own plateau.  And will let the students wallow in their little mud pits. But on the other hand, if you did not care for the bills pile-up and just go ahead, and brace yourself for the difficult task to pull the student off,  two crucial things happen -- the student runs off, because to break a pattern, heavens, it can be done in the next birth.! Some throw a humungous tantrum, and declare they hate you, like forever .This is not a severance, as they pretend, rather a stupid but cunning attempt to create  karmic chords!! Eeeks! But the tantrum throwing students are actually, in the yoga sense, trying to woo a reaction out of you which will ensure that you are born in the next birth, with them! A tactic a lot of students indulge in..So, they throw a big tantrum when the time comes for them, to break a stubborn pattern that has followed them through several life times!

But a handful of students, they will  hang on and accept the integrity of your toughness with them. This is the type you can deal with. But the rest of it, that can be so  demanding, mentally, and leave a sense of great conflict, as far as the teacher is concerned.

For instance, if a student wants to continue plonking about in a bad pose and prefers you not to correct him or her because to be corrected interferes with their sense of well-being, then, what is the choice? Not just on a commercial basis, but even in terms of compassion, do you say, ok, this student is not ready to proceed further, and let him/her behind with the wrong sense of achievement, however inappropriate or untrue that is? I mean, u can see if the third eye is so blocked, the person is not going to catch on that there is no  progress in the real yoga of the mind?  Here is where the conflict arises -- do you prod the student on, and let him/her behind?

Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profile
Free MySpace Animations! On so many counts, I am always concerned and agonise over  the approach I choose which  has to be individualized, making teaching  even more tough. Other teachers, less concerned, are happy. They do not take their roles as yoga teacher as seriously and are happier jaunting between many careers  and doff many hats.. and many halos..

Some days, it can be tiring playing teacher to people who are not willing to be students or learn.


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