Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Uttihita hasta padangushtasana: Raised, hand to toe pose

This pose is an exciting one for me, because as a high vata person, my balance is skitty at best. So, whenever my practice deepens I seek more time in these poses. This one is a particularly skitty pose, because you need tremendous strength and its not just about balance. Also, it calls for super flexibility. You may be able to hold this pose for a short time, given all these ingredients. But to hold it for a minute or so, which is what yoga is about, then you need a larger dose of such things.
It is a pose that needs assiduous cultivation from various angles: lying leg lifts, side leg lifts(to open your hips which will crank up with cramps if held for long), strength at calf muscles, through a standing-on-toe tadasana, and parivritti janusirsasana (side twist head to toe pose, seated).
What it means is, to hold this pose well, you need to build through other poses.
It is very gounding, uplifting pose.
Happy sadhana!

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