Friday, June 13, 2014

Chakras and your musical note and your personality: see the link here

I found this bit in Swami Sivananda's book on Music as yoga. I am currently doing an online course music therapy course, to understand the powerful healing that is caused by the Singing bowls. The other day, btw, I had a sweet student who just heard that I had done singing bowl course in Nepal and said she wanted to do it too. I think that is fine. But the bowls are soooo related to the chakras. I cannot understand what intuition you will tap into if you do not have the deepest understanding of this field. If you did not connect with bowls and just saw it as an exotic source of income. I can see where that comes from: People see images of some Westerners wearing exotic eastern costumes, looking super solemn, with a distinct halo of a healer around their heads, and suddenly they want it for themselves.. I decided to start giving bowl sessions only after a year of being with and practicing the bowls and even know feel way behind, like a learner asked to enter wonderland and trying to grips with it... this healer thing, na.. its been the worst thing that has happened to alternative therapy. Everybody is a healer nowadays, hee hee. There is a good reason why this has happened. This incident should explain this better. One of my students with an advanced teacher's training certificate course from my ashram, she had a knee problem (from being overweight, I could have told her, for free:) Then, instead of doing yoga to heal, she goes to a tarot card "healer" and hands over Rs 5000 to be told when she will heal. I am NOT joking. I want to tell my students who want to be yoga teacher, that's a tough thing to do. Become a tarot card reader, it is easy and great money:) Nobody will even bargain with you, as they do (or try to) with me:)
Any case, my cathartic outburst (phew, feel better now:) over, here is the link, in my Singing bowl blog  I started this recently, though I am no healer!!

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