Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Finally, Brahmacharyasana !!

This pose is usually easier for men, because they have naturally stronger upper back. For women, unless they are strong swimmers (or tree climbers, ha ha) this can be quite a challenge.
So, yes, I have posted this pose several times, getting it on and off, and often for dissatisfying short periods of time (ten seconds is what a phone timer is normally set to:)
But today, I proudly claim with that I am very comfortable in this pose. That is because I decided, as I am wont to do, work around the pose by cleaning up its preparatory poses.

So, whole of last week I worked on the lolasana (cradle pose), with the lotus leg lock. I tried to chunk it up, and hold it overall for one minute, which is why today I can so the Pose of Self-restraint (Brahmacharyasana means that, really)

I found out this humbly enough, while demoing it to a male student who was not able to do the squatting crow (that's what I call the dwipada bhujapidasana/two-legged shoulder pressing pose).
I did the preparatory leg folded at the knee and lo, when opened the legs, it was up in Brahmacharyasana. I held it long enough, despite the overwhelming surprise, to determine if I can actually do it.
What you need:
* Upper back strength.
* Core strength.
* If you do not have either (and you will be surprised how elusive and difficult to cultivate either are, especially if your bones are dense and your are super- muscled -- because the heaviness of your health itself will drag you down, and no jokes) you must spend considerable amount of time in lolasana/cradle pose with the knee bend inwards (if you can't do the lotus) or the lotus-leg-locked cradle pose.
* Comfort in ekapada bhujapidasana (one-legged shoulder press pose too)
* Also ability to be comfortable when retaining breath -- because as a beginner in some poses like this it would be difficult to breathe because the breathing will break the pose. So being able to do a demanding muscular move without breath and be comfortable enough, that is very important.

Happy sadhana!!

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