Sunday, June 01, 2014

The lotus and its spiritualism, in poses

The only book which gives a rather detailed list of how to prepare for this terrific pose and the major benefits of this spiritual pose is the Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by Sw Satyanandaji Saraswati.

He gives list on how to prepare for this pose -- including cutting down on things that are difficult to digest, including yogi's favorite food, the  milk!! Then going for easy-to-digest foods. The list is given in the book which is must-have for any aspiring yoga practitioner, and of course, THE bible for the real yoga teacher. If you have not read the book even once, mmm, you really are not fit to teach yoga...

I had a nit-wit of a student, and I say that very objectively, who wanted to do this pose before trying the basic mayurasana. Though this pose is easier than the basic peacock, you still need to have mastered the core aspects of the basic to try an advanced variation. Where it is easier:  you lift the legs far higher, plus  there is more -- literally --elbow room for breathing.

Swamiji also says that for women especially this pose is easier. As an aside I must say that there is a rather imbecilic belief that some poses must be tried without having any commitment even to practice. I had a student, who decided that since she was going off to Canada, she must learn "all "of yoga in a month. She would look at someone who would try the scorpion and insist she do it. Let me tell you I am amongst the few teachers who really prods students to try advanced poses. However, it is puzzling to me when students who do not know their left leg from right suddenly, out of a purely "commercial" motive (Read that to mean"I want it fast without too much investment in practice, time or commitment, and the fee be damned") want to do more for less... Mmmm... every pose is live, and it would be insulted if you woo it like that!! I have a former beauty queen who has been pestering me to give her a yoga teacher's certificate after coming for a few hours ...Arrrghh!! They trash the value of this marvelous AND demanding science..

Anyways, to revert to this pose,it is  really rather easy once you get the basics of the peacock right.

But so many students who cannot do the lotus.. so here, they get stuck:(

What you need for this pose:
* No fuss over the wrist pain -- believe me the wrist pain you get in hamsasana goes in a few weeks of regular practice.
* Ease in holding the lotus/padmasana
* Ease with the hamsasana (swan pose)

All books say this of the peacock:
  • If you can do this, in a month, your body will be rid of hidden toxins.
  • You can digest anything
  • Like a peacock which can kill a snake, this pose, will destroy all poison.
Purity... that's the promise in this pose

Happy sadhana!!

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