Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why the lotus? Behind the spirit of a pose..

If you did yoga for a while, it is very important that you crack everything joint you have, to get the lotus:) I am joking. Initially it is a very painful pose, but it comes with practice but usually, those who suffer it as a tough and painful pose, will not believe this. I know this because I myself spent a year or so working on it, when I started yoga in my mid-thirties.

The other day somebody was saying which course is the best. I don't why people think I should know. I myself see that no course can really give a great insight into yoga anatomy. I myself have picked up most of what I know about yoga by reading anatomy books, especially the ones that connect the mind to the body. Neuroscience is the word you want. Most of yoga anatomy is that connection. Without appreciating and intuiting why this is so, you possibly will not wake up to the wonder of a pose. How can a teacher reach the magic of a pose or insist on the technique and abide by it, if the connection is not made. This may explain why a lot of teachers do a mish-mash on their own, hoping not to lose "customers" by making it too tough and pretending to give them an hour-long class without taking themselves the trouble to connect with a pose or its energy.

The lotus, as with all meditative poses, is where a tremendous pressure is required to build up in the ankle joint. If you see the brainmap (homunculus man) the ankle is closest to the uro-genital system. The latter is who we are as a person, all our impulses, hormones really, pretending to be the mind. This explains why a meditative pose chooses to control these impulses, and help us rein in the beast in us. This has nothing to do with sexuality, as most people wrongly and immediately assume. It has to do with simple emotions: nurturing, greed, love, caring, cherishing, social concerns, charity, generosity, avariciousness, envy, competition, anger, anxiety, and so forth. All those are also triggered by the uro-genital system, and have such boring names like oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, etc.

That is why lotus is important -- it is the reins we are asked to hold, to control the beast in us:) So we can move on, towards the sublime...

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