Friday, July 11, 2014

Exciting secrets about the power of trataka

(From one of the genuine meditation and raja yoga sites I recommend it to those who wish to have audio guidance for meditation and yogic dharana).

Apart from the effect on eye health and vision, these below are little known benefits of yogic trataka:

Harish Johari says this about trataka practice:
* It enhances the growth and development of the pineal gland
* One-pointedness of the mind
* Develops "witness consciousness" of the mind; the step back from itself.

Swami Satyananda, my very favorite guru, says this:
* It creates a higher sensitivity of pineal gland
* Greater impact on the hypothalamus which is involved with the sympathetic nervous system (aroused mental state) and parasympathetic nervous system (repairing mode of the nervous system);
* The individual's several states -- pleasure state, wakefulness/alertness/focus state, sleep and pain states.
* Blocks out hyper activity of the brain/restless or disturbing thoughts
* Sensitivity to higher vibrations.

These are the areas of the mind involved with psychic abilities and extra sensory perception, clairaudience and telepathy.

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