Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Heart chakra and immune system

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The only problem with Richard Gerber's book on Vibrational Medicine is that it is so full of information that it takes a long while to read it. U skim a bit here and there and get overwhelmed by all that he presents. Of course, much of what gets written about vibrational medicine will still be seen by conventional science as weird, psycho-mumbo jumbo etc. But there are aspects of these sciences, such acupuncture healing, that is getting some recognition even by conventional doctors.
Any case, as I was skimming through the book I fell upon this page talking of heart chakra and how he links it to the thymus atropy and functioning. From my own experience I can fully agree with that.. when I am low I can fall sick -- it could be a flu, or some stray ailment. I've had it as a child. Interestingly, the other day when talking to my sister and looking back on some, for me then and now traumatic incidents, from childhood I realized my sister's recollect of these were very different. Which means we both reacted differently to what I even now recall as very very sad moments of my life. Also, in some cases she did not seem to remember the incidents with the same excruciating  painful detail as I did. And it goes to show  that something about the incidents still hurt me and frighten me and that the incidents were so painful for me that for a very long part of my childhood, teen and youth I was a very sickly person.
I would fall sick like that -- and interestingly the heart chakra is also dominated by the air element -- which is my dosha -- and it is a very anxiety inducing/disease inducing element. As creative as it is, it is also destructive and drying out. It needs to be constantly grounded and healed with earth and water elements.
If I deeply disturbed even today, I can still fall sick if I was not vigilant as to the exact trigger. Much of my awareness of what tricks me back to the sickly-loop comes again from yoga. It is as if I have stepped out of myself, and then see where my thinking (negative/sad/low) is taking me. I sit about to tackle that loop and can be assured immediately that I can prevent a sickness from completely felling me. It is exciting this sort of awareness between thinking and one's body and healing. I completely believe in it and understand that it cannot be otherwise. How can your mind, created solely to take care of the body, be different from it.
"It is possible that the age related involution of the thymus gland is not universal phenomenon. In those who do have thymic atrophy in later years there may be a relationship between loneliness, depression, blockage of the heart chakra and the loss of glandular function," Richard Gerber.

He believes some of the heart chakra blockage comes from lack of love,but primarily lack of self-love or suffering the loss of someone close.

All that psychic details apart, I mean to only explain that of the four siblings I was the sickliest and that it may be not so strange that a lot of incidents I remember make me cry even now and it is strange it did not affect my other siblings in that fashion. Much of the recovery of this wobbly chakra has happened to me through yoga. It has helped sealed the big hole where my heart is:)
Even today I can cry about anything at all and if I did not have yoga I would be sickly and possibly dead by now..

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