Monday, July 14, 2014

The asuras and devas in your own body: chakra map

I hope the charts are self-explanatory. Always,the  funniest thing when you are a yoga teacher, is to see how keen everybody is to make the higher chakras flow, especially the third eye. Actually, in itself it is a wrong aspiration. The need, if you are into chakras, is to have all chakras flow in a state of balance. In fact, those whose higher chakras are overflowing are prone to delusions, self-grandeur, depression, lunacy, spacy thinking etc.! To have one chakra flow at the expense of others(for how else can it overflow) is like wanting a river to overrun its banks and kill and ruin the land through which it flows..
Below the good and bad of each chakra, according to Anodea Judith's book on Chakra Wheels of Life, which I have used largely as my ready-reference on the topic. I also like Harish Johari's book on this and lately been reading the Psychology of the Chakras by Richard A Jelusich.

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