Wednesday, August 20, 2014

R I P Guruji -- remembering B.K.S. Iyengar

In my pre-yoga days I was fortunate enough to visit Iyengar at his  Pune institute, for his 80th birthday celebrations. .
I was given the assignment suddenly, because the journalist who wanted to do that assignment, suddenly ditched. When assignments came suddenly, I had a huge build-up of stress as a mother of a young baby -- her  life and food and care had to be organized just as suddenly. Those days were before mobile made life and connections easier.
My mind, as a mother on the go, was always thinking about my baby -- just five years old then. I was having my periods. I remember even now, that day as a tough one,  multi-tasking and playing multiple roles, catching any first Pune bus, mentally gearing for a long ride, bleeding heavily and uncomfortable with that, and fortified only with some vada pav picked up along the way.  When I landed up, it was tough to have an one-on-one with the great man because a celebratory puja was along the way... and I tried as much to be around where he was, and then, later in the afternoon, when he was at the institute, followed him about.
 I was starving, feeling messy,  was exhausted, worried about my baby very much, and also, as happens at such occasions, felt jostled about, by some "official machinery"  around him.

This article was born of that tough ride:

Then, here, now as a yoga freak who has used Iyengar book all the time, for reference and support and study, my tribute written this morning:


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