Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scorpion pose tidbits

According to Swami Satyanandaji  the scorpion pose(only some facts that are not too well known about the pose is here:)
  1. Reorganises prana around the body
  2. Tones the uro-genital system
  3. Stops the aging process
  4. Rectifies glandular disorders
  5. Is a ajna chakra pose (Third eye/intuition chakra)
Interestingly both the Iyengar book and Swami Satyanandaji's book are using the same words -- verbatim -- to describe how the scorpion pose is a pose of ego subjugation. I wonder who said it first, and if it is a translation from a major text... even so, word to word, the same description!

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