Thursday, September 04, 2014

Toughest Astavakrasana..

Managed to get this extremely tricky Astavakrasana. It must be its toughest variation yet. You use muscles you have never used before and also first become comfortable with extreme discomfort at the elbow. (Which is a gentle way of saying unnatural pain:)
It is a very "heavy" pose and the body has to struggle with understanding which part of must be used for the lift. Unlike in the basic astavakrasana, where one hand lifts the pose, in this both arms are used, which actually makes it a bit difficult because the weight is not evenly distributed. Also, the pose cannot be entered at this final position. You may have to learn to start by having your forearm on the ground and then lifting up. Then releasing the wrist and palm. Which is all very tricky and asks for frequent shift of weight on the overloaded elbow.

But I believe regular practice of this will help with the scorpion pose which has the similar elbow lift and is called the "chilled out" scorpion pose, I think:)
Happy sadhana!

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