Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gupta padmasana:hidden lotus

This is a pose  I am reclaiming after a year or so. Earlier, on a good day, I could be in it for a long time. But not enough to make it what it deserves and truly is, a meditation posture. Which means half hour at the least!
And with cleaner and more settled lines at the hips.
It has many physical benefits:
* Hip alignment
* Powers the heart
* Expands lung volume
* Boosts respiratory capacity
* Manages spinal problem, cleans up posture
* Helps control rounded back/dowager's hump
* Improves arm and upper flexibility, plus leg and hip tone.


* Psychic impact?
* Heals the heart center/anahata chakra
* Improves emotional balance

Though the name means hidden lotus, implying the legs in lotus remain hidden beneath the body, I also believe the name could be because of the impact on the hidden nadi, also called gupt nadi -- this one, according to the Bihar School of Yoga,  runs from the knees along the inside of the thighs into the perineum

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