Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The biology of meditation

A new booklet by the Bihar School of yoga which I brought (by Rishi Nityabodhananda) lists these marvelous benefits of meditation, especially on the third eye center.

If you notice, most religions have the habit of laying the forehead on the ground (before chairs and stools took over). This obviously activates the third eye.

So, this book Ajna Chakra lists a research published in Biological Psychology by G. A Tooley, which lists these following benefits by managing the release of metatonin which is

* a potent anti-oxidant (which protects against free radical damage)
* free radical scavenger ( free radical cause disease and aging, so melatonin fights them)
* reduces cellular damage of living
* it is anti-cancer
* Immunoaugmenting (boosts immunity)
* anti-stress (stress can kill brain cells conclusively, and is a known cause for most diseases, and hastens aging for sure)

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