Saturday, May 07, 2016

Urdhva dandasana: why this pose should not be used as entry for headstand

Urdhva dandasana/ upward rod pose. I also like to refer to it as samkonsirasana/ right angle headstand. Entire pressure builds up on neck and shoulders. I was very very surprised when students from other yoga schools said their teachers had tried to coax them to enter the basic headstand in this pose. Clearly none of those beginners got the headstand. Without preparing the neck for the strength to do it is really strange and even dangerous,  and can cause chronic neck pain.
* Most yoga teachers who don't have the patience to teach the akunchanasan / scrunch or heron transition in the basic headstand will push their students to try's an advanced pose and needs more strength
* Since the hips move off the center right towards the back more scope for falling. .so only an experienced yoga practitioner can control that shift
* More awareness required to draw the hips back to center..again only an advanced practitioner can control this
* Also elbows will lift off in a beginner due to lack of control. .

Be smart in the yoga u do and choosing the quality and integrity of a teacher

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