Monday, April 24, 2017

Anti-aging mudras

Mudras are very powerful practices.
Like all powerful practices, they must be done with extreme wisdom, and awareness. A lot of people, especially  people propagating them, seem to think alternative therapies are gentle. They are not. They are powerful. The other unforgivable mistake made by those who propagate them is to make out that these are general prescriptions for everybody. These are specific to personality types; and personality types which can be aggravated by these elements must, obviously,  avoid them.
In the keenness to pretend towards being "healers"a lot of people just casually prescribe these practices. Some people do it for the halo of being regarded as healers. This is an extremely annoying problem today -- of many absolute idiots pretending to be healers and doling out advice, platitudes and downloading stuff from the net, or doing vacuous certificate courses which have no value, and stealing information from the sites of  more experienced teachers and passing off second hand information as their own. Mudra prescription falls in this dangerous field where the hand gestures are regarded falsely as simple practices and harmless but useful.

So if you have a high kapha personality, DO NOT PRACTICE these except for specific healing. These work for the dominantly pitta and vata pesonalities.

                                                  (Kaphakaarak mudra/ hand gesture for earth /water element)
(Prithi mudra/ hand gesture for earth)

If you are creaking with joint pains. Or feel tired, and think it has to do with aging. If you are prone to fractures, cracked skin, dry eyes, dry hair, wrinkles. If you have all sorts of "heaty"problems -- acidity, ulcers, breakouts, digestive tract burn, and a lot of other irritating ailments that have the suffix -itis. If you suffer from lack of sleep.

These mudras are used to prevent such tracks of aging. 

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