Monday, July 24, 2017

Vajrasana: best bet for soothing your belly

The gut is like a baby. A neglected baby. Or overindulged one. Either way, it suffers a lot I would guess.

So, amongst the multiple books I tend to read at the same time -- and somehow they take me right back to yoga - I am reading this one called Gut, by Giulia Enders. Everybody must read this book to ensure you are not tripped by this "second brain" inside of you.

She talks of the gut like a living entity. Which it is. It was the original animal around which you were created, your brain included. And that never fails to marvel me. Because even the smartest person, is tripped by the gut, because it is the older of the two.

So, Enders says the gut has a very "gargly" appearance, created out of evolutionary wisdom. And for me. this fact links up to yoga with this pose Vajrasana, which is used as a cure-all for all gut related problems. And it is the only other  asana recommended (and supta vajrasana /lying thunderbolt is another one) after a meal.

Here is what Enders says about your gut:
The "gargly" appearance of the oesophagus is also more beautiful than it seems at first glance. Looking very closely, it can be seen that some muscle fibers run around the oesophagus in a spiral pattern. They are the reason for its "gargly" motion.If you extend these fibers lengthways, they constrict spirally like telephone receiver cable. Bundles of fibres connect the oesophagus to the spinal column. Sitting up straight and looking upward stretches the oesophagus along its length. This causes it to narrow in turn allowing it to close more efficiently at each end. That is why sitting or standing up straight can help prevent heartburn after a large meal."

Wow, like I always wonder our yogis knew of these hundreds of 

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