Thursday, December 21, 2017

Freshen up in a jiffy: simhagarjasana or lionroaring pose

Not as easy it has it looks. Yet not as tough as the other more exotic poses. Its a great healer. If u have fever it can bring it down. Still dry out a bad cold. It has a similar impact on blood pressure: elevating it if low and lowering it if high.

Other fun things it does:
* sweetens voice
* great for singers
* removes wrinkles
* removes dullness
* powers all your sense organs
* builds confidence
* therapy for social phobia
* controls stuttering

Minimum five times, anytime, daily

Instructions are avsilable all over the net. If there are variations do not panic . Each school has a slightly different method but all lead up to the same benefits.  Some schools call it the Narsimhasana

I am going to doing more on this practice  by and by .

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