Saturday, December 30, 2017

Indian toilet is yoga!

This rivetting book Gut by Giulia Endes notes that in cultures where u need to squat while defecating has less incidence of haemorrhoids and diverticula. And also less of problems that come from exerting while defecating ( which happens in Western style toilets) like varicose veins, stroke and defecation syncope ..fainting on the toilet!
The author has a suggestion on how to mimic the impact of the Indian style squat while excreting. " Just incline your upper body forward slightly and place your feet on a low footstool placed in front of the toilet.."

She cites research by Israeli Dr Dov Sikirov who studied the impact of position u hold while excreting. Those who squatted reported emptying bowels most satisfactorily and in as less as 50  seconds. Not surprisingly those who sat took almost twice the time and unsatisfactorily. Another Japanese research also found tge squatting position appeared to give a clear route for bowels to empty.
It appears that some practices are rejected just because they are ancient ( the author's observation, not mine) and new ones are seen as modern and thetefore more hygienic ( despite contrary evidence). 

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