Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Belly fat: why even yogis have it and what to do

Belly fat is the very devil. It makes u feel bad. Its as if it implies u are not being disciplined about your food or your health or your exercise. Its not so much about how it makes u feel ugly. Its really about making u look bad as a person. The implication of belly fat bothers many of us I think. Its demotivating also ..especially if u are trying stuff u have been trying efficiently for years but now see that these same tricks are not yielding the right results.  So I too have a yo -yo relationship with this despite my vigorous approach to health.

These are things I have noticed about belly fat..after 50s ..that may help u too, whatever your age:

* It becomes exaggerated when u are stressed. The correlation beteeen stress and belly fat has been well established..so we need to de-stress with a firm intent. Funny books or movies. Cooking good food. Art and craft and hobbies. And a regular workout. They elevate your mood and release stress.

* Have a dynamic workout. Interval training..short bursts of exercise followed by relaxing stretches..even for 10 / 20 minutes thrice weekly will have immediate impact. This is a new breakthrough but entire researches and books vouchfor it. So do I.

* Diet is the key. U have to consult a professional if needed but do it so u feel the impact immediately. Trying something that works for your friend may not be the right answer for your body type.

* With yoga ..to lose belly fat ..incorporate dynamic sequences and flows( as shown in video). Dynamic poses are more challenging and burn more fat especially at the belly and thighs.


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