Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Adishankaracharya: 4 types of yoga students

In his comment on Kena Upanishad, here is what Adishankaracharya describes as four types of students. I realise this. Often, when teaching, u wonder are u teaching something different, or are you projecting yourself differently, that students react to you so differently. No, I now reassure myself. The essence is in the student.  U are nothing, but an instrument. You are following your svadharma, what your personality dictates, as they do. You must not struggle to teach somebody who does not have that in them to learn what u teach... U must just standby... detached. It is about the students and who and where they come from..

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Even in the world, from among a group of students listening to a teacher, some students grasp correctly, some wrongly, some just the opposite, while some fail to grasp anything at all. If this is so in worldly sphere, what to speak of the difficulty in comprehending the truth of the atman, which transcends the senses?

(The italics are from the book The message of Vivekachudamani by Swami Ranganathananda for Advaita Ashrama).

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